Data Outcomes Management

Collection, Aggregation, and Reporting of Patient Outcomes and Facility Metrics

Survivorship Solutions understands that aggregated patient & facility outcomes data drives high-quality cancer care through the implementation of proven best practices in clinical care & organizational pathways.

Yet, reliable metrics within cancer rehabilitation & survivorship services is significantly lacking within the industry...

Standardized collection of patient functional outcomes measures, facility metrics, & referral trends in the oncology population has never been more important!

Data is crucial for payers, providers, & healthcare systems to evaluate, support, & grow programs & services, enforce quality assurance, & develop improvement initiatives.

Consistency in the collection, aggregation, & reporting of outcomes data has always been a challenge for healthcare teams for many reasons.

We know data management is hard, but don't worry...

We've got it figured out.

Our Outcomes Tracker tool is the first of its kind in the industry, utilizing the most recent technological advances in cloud-based collection practices.

Our Data Management Team will help you implement processes that make data collection, aggregation, & reporting easy for your team.

Our Technology Team provides streamlined onboarding & real-time support for any questions you have or issues that pop up.

Our team can help you implement best practices for collection, aggregation, benchmarking, & reporting of your:

Organization's facility metrics

Oncology providers' referral trends

Patients' functional outcomes measures

Healthcare system's population demographics

Survivorship services & rehabilitation access trends

Community impairment & distress screenings

Clinical evaluations & treatments

& many MORE!