Cancer Rehabilitation Service Line Implementation


Interdisciplinary Network of Survivorship Providers Implementing Rehabilitation Excellence

Healthcare professionals working together at your organization to provide cancer rehabilitation & survivorship services are part of an INSPIRE team.

We offer 3 flexible levels of our INSPIRE implementation program to meet the unique & evolving needs of individuals & organizations implementing & optimizing cancer rehab. These are...


We support & guide INSPIRE teams in changing culture from provider-focused to person-centered cancer care.

Our step-by-step, proven implementation plan provides structure & support to guide clinicians & administrators through the complex process of implementing standardized, high-quality cancer rehabilitation & survivorship services.

A standardized & optimized service line ensures high-quality care for your cancer community & prevents the outward migration of oncology patients who are seeking these essential medical services.

INSPIRE Targeted Initiatives

Establish core competencies in cancer rehabilitation for the entire Interdisciplinary Cancer Care Team through our comprehensive, online, clinical CE course.

Align rehabilitation & survivorship policies & procedures with national accrediting bodies & industry regulators to meet compliance standards & best practices.

Implement clinical & organizational pathways to trigger automatic referrals into appropriate supportive care services.

Hardwire screening, referral, & intervention processes within all cancer types and multidisciplinary departments from diagnosis throughout the continuum of care.

Grow & expand established rehabilitation services within the healthcare system & develop targeted specialty services & programs.

Collect, aggregate, & benchmark patient outcomes data & facility metrics to support program development, quality assurance, & growth initiatives.

Contact us for guidance on which level of service (Independent, Supported, or Customized) will work best to meet your goals or the initiatives of your organization.

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