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Sabina Gempel, PT, DPT (view video)

Hi, my name is Sabina Gempel, DPT, PT.

I am a physical therapist, and I just wanted to share my experience and recommend Survivorship Solutions Cancer Rehabilitation CEU.

I did it last year, and I just can't recommend it enough!

I don't see cancer patients very regularly, but unfortunately at my hospital for patients going through cancer treatment, some of them end up with heart failure, and so I see them for that reason.

This course was just so thorough. It had such a variety of clinical experts. It was all evidence based. It covered everything from intake to treatment, outcome measures, nutrition, medications, side-effects. It was just so detailed, well done, and I really enjoyed taking it.

So, I just want to recommend it for anyone who sees cancer patients occasionally, and especially for those of you seeing them on a regular basis.

Paige Sims, MPT (view video)

Hi, my name is Paige Sims, MPT, PORi Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist, and I'm from Edmond, Oklahoma.

I'm a physical therapist, and I'm treating in an outpatient private practice setting.

I just wanted to recommend the Survivorship Solutions Cancer Rehab Continuing Education program.

I've learned so much doing this program, and I am very thankful for all the experts that put it together. It has done -- it's done so well! I was actually telling another therapist today and sent her an email on this course. She started in my clinic a few months ago, and she is just wanting to feel more confident and competent with the cancer patients that are coming in the door. I told her this, hands-down, is going to help cover everything from chemotherapy, radiation, lymphatic system, the financial stressors these patients are feeling. It covers the vestibular system, it covers pain management, goes into spirituality, how to talk about that with patients, sexuality, and how that's affected a lot of times.

And there's really -- It's just so well done, and it covers so many things that the patient coming through that door has gone through in their journey.

I feel that you really will not regret taking this course and will be so glad. There are so many nuggets, and I remember when I was taking it... I just kept taking notes, and I would even like take pictures on my phone of screenshots because I didn't want to miss out on anything!

So I highly recommend it!

Teresa K. Glynn, PT, DPT, MBA (view video)

Hi. I'm Teresa Glynn, DPT, PT, MBA, from the University of Miami Department of Physical Therapy.

Survivorship Solutions has helped educate our clinical workforce in learning the foundations of oncology rehabilitation.

The curriculum covers a wide range of relevant topics taught by experts in the field.

At the University of Miami, we are expanding therapy services as a part of comprehensive cancer care, and Survivorship Solutions has helped guide the process.

Thank you!

Tom Bednar, PT (view video)

Hi, my name is Tom Bedner. I'm an owner in Central Nebraska Rehabilitation Services. We have a number of different companies throughout Nebraska. We do serve six hospitals, have a number of outpatient clinics, home health contracts, and school-based therapies.

I would like to recommend Survivorship Solutions. They have helped us in the cancer rehabilitation market. They have helped us organize throughout several outpatient markets in addition to the hospitals on how we serve them.

Secondly, we have tabulated a great number of research and data points, including functional outcomes, and have become more organized in this, which has helped us in our marketing efforts.

Thirdly, the Virtual Academy has been instrumental in streamlining and getting our staff all on the same page. Survivorship Solutions has been a great partner for us as we continue to expand.

Thank you!

Rich Mancini, PT (view video)

Hi, my name is Rich Mancini, PT and I'm a physical therapist. I manage a clinic for the University of Miami. We have about six therapists here. We mainly do orthopedics, but we also have some specialty therapists who do vestibular pelvic floor. We also do lymphedema.

This past year, my staff and I completed the Survivorship Solutions program.

I got very good feedback.

The therapists enjoyed it. For myself, I felt like it provided a very deep dive into cancer and Cancer Rehabilitation. I think many of the different aspects of cancer and how it relates to rehab are very frequently underestimated.

The modules were very nice. They were professionally produced. They were comprehensive. The subject matters were pertinent. There was med surg, pharmacology, chemo, adjuvant therapies. They covered psychosocial aspects, which was great; of course, exercise.

What I liked about the program is that there's kind of a common theme that brought more awareness to the patient's perspective, and I think when you are treating someone who has cancer or has a high risk of cancer, when you can have genuine empathy, that helps you form a better therapeutic alliance with that patient, and then that's inevitably going to create better outcomes.

I thought the materials as a whole would give you the ability to firm up and deepen your primary care foundations.

You have a better awareness as far as screening for cancer because you understand the risks better, and I think having all that kind of information overall just really improves your clinical reasoning skills when you're treating patients in general, whether they have cancer or whether they don't have cancer.

So in general, I thought it was a great program, and I do recommend Survivorship Solutions.

Kristen VanAckeren, MPT (view video)

Hi, my name is Kristen VanAckeren, MPT. I'm a physical therapist in outpatient rehabilitation. I treat for Memorial Hospital, which is part of UC Health in Colorado Springs, Colorado. And I just want to endorse the Survivorship Solutions Oncology Continuing Education Course.

The holistic approach that they take to oncology rehab was so beneficial to my practice, to my patients. I really enjoyed the variety of experts in their fields that were able to present information to me. I am a newer lymphedema therapist and I just feel like this coursework is really going to be fundamental in my practices moving forward.

I would highly recommend this course for any therapist, practitioner, nurse, anybody that is working with the oncology patient. I think this course is highly beneficial and absolutely worth your time. I found it to be incredibly rewarding, and I love the various supplemental material available to me to help my practice flourish.

So I just really want to say thank you to Survivorship Solutions for putting forth such a wonderfully comprehensive program.

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, Chicago, IL

Survivorship Solutions' Core Competencies in Interdisciplinary Cancer Rehabilitation is the best set of classes available to begin the process of mastery in Cancer Rehabilitation.

Whether you are an Allied Health Professional, doctor, care manager, or just have an interest in cancer rehabilitation, this module provides the depth and breadth to take your care and knowledge to the next level.

What I appreciate most is the above-and-beyond effort Kristin and Jillian put into designing the modules to ensure viewers are being provided the essential and most up-to-date elements to provide excellent patient care to those living with and beyond cancer.

This module proved to be exactly what I needed as I prepped for the ABPTS Oncology Specialist Certification exam.

From cancer prevention and diagnosis through end-of-life, and everything in between, this course provided the tools I needed to answer each and every question on the test with confidence and expert level clinical reasoning.

I am eager and excited to see how this module evolves and I was grateful to have had this as a resource as I prepared for my exam!

Thank you to Kristin and Jillian for your amazing work and dedication to advancing the field of Cancer Rehabilitation!

Cancer Rehabilitation Team Lead
CHI-St. Elizabeth Sports & Physical Therapy - Lincoln, NE

The Survivorship Solutions Virtual Learning Academy is incredibly well designed. Courses are taught by experts from across the globe, thorough in content, abreast of the current literature, and pertinent to the needs of clinicians who care for cancer survivors.

We have been able to use them throughout our site locations for novice and expert clinicians to ensure that we are able to provide excellent care to cancer survivors.

University of Miami, Department of Physical Therapy

I just want to thank you for the wealth of knowledge in this program. I really studied and took notes, read and watched the video over and over for the purpose of understanding and really learning. As I submerged myself into it, it's as if I was digging treasure. And indeed they are treasure!

You see, I was just in the funeral of my dear friend who died of lung cancer. I wished I could have done anything to be there for her and knew about cancer rehab. I saw her wilting away in hospice before her last breath... It is also because of her memory that fueled my interest into learning this.

This was a marathon with a lot of content, but I have learned tremendously (more than I know cardiology!).

This was a treasure of knowledge and resources and I cannot thank you and your team enough for putting this all together.

This reach should be far and wide for the good of healthcare providers, oncology population and their families. So thank you and to your team for making this course. It is all about what we're called to do as health care providers: translate evidence-based research to clinical practice to decrease suffering, improve patient outcomes, improve population health, decrease health care cost, and increase staff satisfaction.

Marlys Freese, PT, GCS
Cancer Rehabilitation Team Lead
CHI-St. Elizabeth Sports & Physical Therapy - Lincoln, NE

Survivorship Solutions clinical education course, Core Competencies in Interdisciplinary Cancer Rehabilitation has allowed our staff to get a comprehensive education about cancer rehabilitation from a whole team perspective.

The modules provide virtual learning with experts from the field with excellent handouts and resources for further reading.

The system allows us to monitor progress of the whole team in completion of the modules which allows for staff feedback.

Would highly recommend it for your cancer team.