Educational Partners

Survivorship Solutions' Educational Partners ( SSL Partners) are highly valued members of our team and integral to the development of our educational content. They consist of clinical experts, researchers, professional educators, national regulators, accrediting institutions, and industry leaders throughout the United States and internationally.

SSL Partners are selected based on their reputation, expertise, and impact within the oncology and cancer rehabilitation communities. Their responsibilities include advising our core SSL team, developing materials and tools for utilization within our INSPIRE Program implementation, and producing educational seminars for clients of Survivorship Solutions.

SSL Partners regularly update their educational seminars and other educational offerings as new research and legislative changes emerge, or when best practices are revised. Consistently evaluating and updating our educational materials ensures that our content is always current and relevant to our students.

Many partners offer consulting, mentoring, and advanced continuing education & specialty certifications. Discounts & customized options for many of our Partners' services are offered exclusively to clients of Survivorship Solutions.

Contact us for more information regarding our Partner's education and services.