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Jordan Alfrey, DPT, MBA
Physical Therapist | Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialist | Director of Rehabilitation for St. Joseph Regional Medical Center-Lewiston, Idaho | Educator | Owner of Tykam Consulting

Lewiston, Idaho


Tykam Consulting -


Jordan Alfrey, DPT graduated from Idaho State University with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2006. He has been practicing in the specialty of vestibular therapy for more than twelve years.

Dr. Alfrey is the Director of Rehabilitation at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Lewiston, Idaho. He developed his region’s only vestibular rehabilitation and balance program and receives referrals from up to five hours away.

Dr. Alfrey is the owner of Tykam Consulting, an education company for rehabilitation clinicians. Tykam Consulting currently offers an online 8-hour CEU Vestibular Rehabilitation course. Jordan also provides live courses, consultation, and mentoring services upon request.

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