Leveraging Guidelines to Support the Integration of Rehabilitation into Cancer Care (1:06:12)

a seminar included in:

COURSE(s): Core Competencies in Interdisciplinary Cancer Rehabilitation



In the oncology industry there are many national and international organizations that help develop and support high quality wholistic cancer care through the development of guidelines and standards.

In this seminar, the audience will learn about leading oncology organizations that have developed specific recommendations, guidelines and standards as they relate to integration of rehabilitation services into oncology care. The presenter will discuss national stakeholders in standard setting in oncology care and review specific standards that have a significant impact on cancer care delivery and how to leverage the standards to drive referrals into rehabilitation and supportive care services in order to optimize treatment interventions for people living with and beyond cancer.

The audience will learn about the essential collaboration of the interdisciplinary cancer care team to implement oncology organization guidelines and standards in order to set thresholds for referrals based on symptom management guidelines, establish clinical workflows that support screening / assessment for functional changes during cancer treatments and develop triage pathways to improve the utilization of rehabilitation and supportive care service for individuals with cancer.