Moving Beyond the Cancer Diagnosis – Looking at the Big Picture (37:51)

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COURSE: Core Competencies in Interdisciplinary Cancer Rehabilitation



Restoring health is much more than just removing disease. To help people move beyond cancer and live their lives to their full potential, we need to make sure we work together as health professionals in this area of care and extend the scope of our care to support the growing population of people affected by cancer.

There is no way to prevent all suffering and disability from cancer and its treatment. However, cancer rehabilitation can help with preventing suffering, reducing unnecessary disability and improving quality of life.

This presentation discusses the optimized role of rehabilitation from cancer diagnosis through to the well recovered/ or end of life. It considers the essential contributions needed to address the big picture of overall survivorship and health. The speaker explores moving beyond a solo focus on impairments, to shift to a multisystem picture that encapsulates survivor-based goals.

The tiered rehabilitation process developed by PINC & STEEL International in New Zealand is examined. The audience will gain further understanding about the impact rehabilitation and exercise can have of the lives of people affected by cancer from 3 patients who share their personal experiences..


  • Explore rehabilitation’s optimized role from cancer diagnosis through end of care/end of life
  • Understand rehabilitation’s essential contributions to the big picture of overall survivorship and health
  • Explore moving beyond a solo focus on impairments to a multisystem that encapsulates survivor-based goals
  • Showcase rehabilitation models used in New Zealand and Australia

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