Oncologic Emergencies (19:40)

a seminar included in:

COURSE: Core Competencies in Interdisciplinary Cancer Rehabilitation



In this seminar, the speaker covers information that clinicians should know regarding potential emergencies within the oncology population. Emergent action is required for clinicians to ensure that the patient receives prompt and appropriate treatment for these life-threatening body system compromises associated with many kinds of cancer and cancer treatment. The interdisciplinary cancer rehabilitation team must be prepared to recognize and act in case of an oncologic emergency to expedite the patient’s transport to appropriate intensive care interventions to restore systems function.

Oncologic emergencies are defined and classified, and the most common syndromes and clinical implications are discussed. The clinician will learn how to be alert for these oncologic emergencies based on the type of cancer and type of treatment the patient is receiving, recognize acute body system compromise and symptoms from cancer and its treatment, and necessary actions to ensure that the patient receives immediate transport to the hospital as well as the importance of alerting pre-hospital staff to the patient’s cancer treatment status.


  • Define oncologic emergencies
  • Review the classifications of oncologic emergencies
  • Discuss the syndromes and clinical implications of oncologic emergencies
  • Understand how to recognize acute body system compromise in response to cancer and cancer treatment
  • Review identification of potential oncologic emergencies and solutions for the interdisciplinary cancer rehabilitation team