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are healthcare professionals & organizations who provide rehabilitation & survivorship services to people who are living with & beyond cancer, their loved ones, & caregivers.

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Why is Cancer Rehabilitation so important?

More & more people with cancer are looking for Cancer Rehabilitation services.

Increasingly, people with cancer are seeking cancer rehabilitation & survivorship services to improve their quality of life.

Rehab professionals are already treating more & more people with cancer in their rehab clinics and departments every day.

These patients have cancer-related impairments...

ALL therapists should be properly trained and well-prepared to treat this population.

Most people with a cancer diagnosis will benefit from Cancer Rehabilitation or other Cancer Care services at some point in their life.

People with any type or stage of cancer have specific & unique medical needs.

ALL healthcare professionals should be specifically trained, fully confident, & professionally competent to provide rehabilitation or survivorship services for anyone with cancer...

Do all the therapists in your organization know how to safely evaluate and care for this population?

It's not always obvious or easy to know which Cancer Care services a patient needs.

Consistent, effective, & repeated screening of ALL cancer patients for physical, cognitive, emotional, & functional impairments is the best way to determine who needs cancer rehabilitation or survivorship services...

Do your physicians and providers know how to identify cancer patients who will benefit from Cancer Rehab or Cancer Care services?

Do they know how to refer them?

Do they know where to send them?

Cancer Rehabilitation is a NEW source of revenue for healthcare organizations providing rehabilitation services.

Rehabilitation & survivorship care organizations across the country are searching for ways to expand their patient populations, differentiate their businesses, elevate their clinical practices, & generate more revenue...

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We are Clinicians.

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We are Survivorship Solutions.

Through our experiences, we have observed that oncology culture primarily focuses on treating the disease rather than the person.

We are compelled to help shift the focus & incorporate high-quality rehabilitative & survivorship services within cancer care to optimize

Quality of Life.

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includes oncology industry leaders & rehabilitation experts who share our vision and provide guidance & support to healthcare professionals & organizations caring for the growing population of cancer survivors.


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include education, services, & programs that support healthcare professionals who are implementing cancer rehabilitation & survivorship services.

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