Clinical Education Course - Core Competencies in Interdisciplinary Cancer Rehabilitation (2.3)

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The purpose of this course is to support rehabilitation therapists, clinicians, & healthcare professionals in gaining the confidence & competence to deliver safe, evidence-based, rehabilitative interventions to people living with and beyond cancer.

This comprehensive, CE-Approved clinical education course consists of 35 Virtual Learning Seminars and was developed as a collaborative effort by more than two dozen multidisciplinary experts, professional educators, & respected industry leaders in oncology & cancer rehabilitation. (Meet our entire team!)

We work closely with rehabilitation clinics & multidisciplinary medical teams within organizations across the United States to establish core competencies & implement clinical pathways in oncology rehabilitation.

What will you learn?

Therapists, clinicians, healthcare professionals, and medical teams are looking for ways to build skill sets, expand their patient populations, increase their referral rates, & coordinate their teams.

This course will help you:

  • Achieve core competencies in providing cancer rehabilitation services to oncology patients - You will be a BETTER, SAFER, more EFFECTIVE therapist or clinician!
  • Increase cancer rehab referral rates from oncologists, primary care physicians, and other referral sources - You will learn HOW to get MORE REFERRALS from your providers, increasing your revenue by accessing a nearly untapped patient population!
  • Identify & triage cancer patients into appropriate therapy services - You will learn how to implement a SCREENING PROCESS that determines EXACTLY who needs cancer rehab or survivorship care... AND which services they need!
  • Receive improved reimbursement and payment for therapy services provided - You will learn how to GET PAID for providing cancer rehabilitation & prehabilitation!

We strongly encourage multidisciplinary teams within healthcare organizations to enroll in this course together to most effectively build a collaborative, high-quality cancer rehabilitation service line.

Generous discounts are offered for groups or teams enrolling simultaneously. Please contact us for more details.

Please Note...

This free Demo is provided as a demonstration of our formal CE course. A selection of videos, materials, tools, & other seminar supplements has been opened to aid prospective students in determining the fit of this course to their specific needs prior to purchase.

Our formal CE course is consistently updated to reflect the most current, evidence-based information available, so although this free Demo closely represents our formal CE course, there may be some minor differences between this version and the most current version that is available.

Participants are NOT obligated to provide billing information in exchange for this free Demo.

Those who register for this option are provided access to the free Demo version of the course for a 7-day period. Once the trial period ends, participants will no longer have access to the videos, materials, tools, & other seminar supplements available in the free Demo, and they must enroll in the Full-Access course or Monthly Subscription to continue learning.

**Any lessons that are completed in this free Demo will NOT count toward the completion of the formal CE course and must be repeated for credit once enrolled in the Full-Access course or Monthly Subscription.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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